Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A Little Harmless Sex (Harmless #1)

A Little Harmless Sex

I found this book to be average as there was nothing special or attention catching in the story-line or the characters. It was my first time reading a book by Melissa Schroeder and her writing style was okay, but her use of vocabulary was very poor.  Anna's character was very annoying at times especially when she was making assumptions in her head about her relationship with Max and I hated that she did not know Max well enough even though they claimed to best friends for years. I enjoyed Max's alpha male and possessive behavior, but I disliked that he rather make plans and play games instead of communicating clearly with Anna. The chemistry between Max and Anna was explosive and was one of the best things about the book. The first half of the book was at  a good pace, but it started to go downhill in the second half with all the confusion and uncertainty. Overall this was an okay read to pass your time.

Rating: 2.5/5 


Max and Anna have been best friends for many years, but when Max's fiance dumps him and Anna breaks up with her latest fling, they both decide to have a tequila party which leads to them having mind blowing sex.

After one night together Max has realized that he wants Anna in his bed and life for forever, but Anna is a known commitment phobe and it is Max's job to convince her otherwise. Anna cannot believe she slept with the man who has starred in fantasies for may years, but the problem now is that Max is pushing for more than just a little harmless sex.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Love So Hot (The Lawson Brothers #1)

Love so Hot

This book had me addicted from the start, I was unable to put it down because I loved that it had best friends turning to lovers as well as all the feelings that came with it. It was my first time reading a book by Marquita Valentine and I really enjoyed her dual point of view style of writing. Brody was the perfect man, he was sexy, caring and possessive and I loved the parts when he began to get jealous and territorial over Sydney. I felt Sydney's character was kind of weak because she depended o her friends to push her towards the man she loves and it seemed like she was a pushover who was not willing to fight for the man she loves instead she just blindly listened to her friends. The chemistry between Brody and Sydney  was off the charts and it mad up for the flaws in Sydney's character.  I personally did not find Cherry's character believable because no girl gives up the man she is dating so he can realize that he is in love with his best friend as well as no girl will help her  another girl to seduce her ex boyfriend. I would have also liked the book to be longer so we could have seen a better development through Brody and Sydney's relationship. Overall this was a great quick read which is filled with steaming hot chemistry and a dose of healthy jealousy.

Rating: 3.5/5


Sydney Mcknight is the nice girl who every guy wants to be friends with, but no one wants to date her. Sydney decides to bet on her best friend and secret crush Brody Lawson in the fireman's auction so that he can teach her how to seduce a man.

Fire captain Brody Lawson has been in love with his best friend for many years, but he has been scared to tell her as it might ruin their friendship. When Sydney wins him in the fireman's auction he can hardly believe his luck until she asks him to help her seduce a fellow fireman.

It is now up to Brody to show Sydney that he is the man for her and if she is going to be seducing any man then it is gong to be him because once he gets her in his bed he is not letting her go.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Every Little Kiss (Kissed by the Bay #1)

Every Little Kiss

This is a short and sweet romantic novel based in the magical town of Blue Moon Bay.  I am fan of Susan Hatler and I enjoy her simple novels which embraces the true nature of romance as she manages to make you fall in love with her characters. Wendy's character is strong and independent, but at the same time she is emotional and I really enjoyed seeing both sides of her. Max is everyone's dream man he is gorgeous, caring and a good listener. The chemistry between Max and Wendy was sweet and romantic and it did not feel rushed or superficial. I really enjoyed the magical legend of Blue Moon Bay that brought them together as well as the part fate had to play in bringing Wendy and Max together. The secondary characters of Brian, Olivia and Megan were well conceived and brought an emotional depth to the book that was much needed. I liked Susan's style of writing, however I did wish that this book was written in a dual point of view style as I would have loved to see Max's thoughts throughout the book. Overall this was a short romantic read which leaves you filled with warmth and happiness.

Rating: 4/5


Wendy Watts is returning to Blue Moon Bay nine years after she vowed never to come back because the town holds the painful memories of her parents abandoning her and her brother Brian. She is now a successful realtor who is forced to return after her grandmother passes away, so that she can sell their family inn in person.

Once Wendy returns to Blue Moon Bay she is reminded of the painful memories together with her brother wish to keep the Blue Moon Bay inn. Wendy then meets a gorgeous stranger on the beach to whom she spills all her troubles and since Wendy knows that Max Hunnington is not here to stay she gives in and shares a passionate kiss with him.

When Wendy begins to start renovating the inn, Max tells her that he is staying in Blue Moon Bay longer as he is in love with the inn and wants to help her with the repairs. As Wendy starts spending time with Max, she starts to fall in love with him and that reminds her of the local legend she heard as a child: that by being kissed by the bay under the Blue Moon will lead to love that lasts forever.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Kingmaker (Powerplay #2)

The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker is the second book in the Powerplay series and it reminds me of one of my favorite programmes Scandal. I really enjoyed this book because it is a great mix of both politics and romance and I enjoy watching powerful men fall in love. Dereks's character was a powerful alpha male who sticks to his beliefs and is a true born leader and I loved that he could be ruthless in power games, but he was equally sweet and romantic with the woman he loved. London's character was strong and independent and I loved the fact that she never felt sorry for herself or let anyone pity her, she made her decisions and took the responsibility for them. This was my first time reading a book by Selena Laurence and I really enjoyed her style of writing and the way she makes her characters come to life. The chemistry between Derek and London was scorching hot and I enjoyed that their relationship was based around more than just their physical relationship. I really did enjoy this book, but I felt that something was missing and I do not exactly know what it is. Overall this was a brilliant read and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Rating: 4/5


Derek Ambrose is a political genius who is currently serving as a consultant to a presidential candidate.  On the night that his candidate is about to announce his candidacy for president, Derek finds him in a compromising position with a high class prostitute.

London Sharpe is a high end prostitute who leads a double life where on one end she is a prostitute and on the other she is a wealthy lady who volunteers for charity's and has wealthy friends. From the moment Derek and London meet sparks begin fly and they are unable to deny their attraction.

Together they end up becoming news headlines and the presidency depends on them, but there are secrets that London is hiding that will ruin Derek's life and career.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Accidental Seal (Seal Brotherhood #1)

Accidental Seal

I am generally person who love books based on Seals as I love the alpha male hero as much as the next girl, but this book was beyond disappointing and boring and it took me so long to complete which made me begin to dislike the book even more. Let's begin with Kyle who is on a mission to save his best friend from danger and keeps getting distracted due to his raging hormones, that is definitely not a characteristic of a Navy Seal. He is also continuously an ass to Christy  and keeps on putting her life in danger especially when he knows he has bad guys after him. Then there is Christy, I think she is the worst female led character I have ever read, she goes and falls in love with a man ,who attacks her in the first meeting, after sleeping with him a couple of times. She also continues to run after Kyle even when he is treating her poorly which ends up making her a clingy and weak character who has no backbone at all. The writing in this book was horrible, it was just so boring and unable to captivate the readers attention with the bad use of similes to describe irrelevant situations. The chemistry between Kyle and Christy was weak and it flt to constructed and manual and I hated the fact that there was no substance in their relationship or love because it only seemed to be about the physical relationship. Overall this was  a long waste of my time read and I definitely would not recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 1.5/5


Christy Nelson has just begun her career as a real estate agent and when attempting to host a first open house, she enters the wrong house and finds a sleeping naked man.

Kyle Lansdowne is a Navy Seal who is on a mission to find his best friend and fellow Navy Seal who has gone missing and during this time he his staying in his missing friends house. When someone breaks in, he takes protective measures, but he does not expect it to be a beautiful lady who might be responsible for his friends disappearance.

Christy and Kyle's chance meeting then turns into hot affair, but Kyle is unsure about getting Christy involved in his mission, but he is forced to when the gang responsible for his friends disappearance kidnaps her too. Kyle is no forced to admit that he would risk his life to save her.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Hotel Hookup: Chicago ( Hotel Hookup #3)

Hotel Hookup: Chicago

Firstly, I personally thought that this  book was a complete waste of my time and effort and I regret that I even reading it. It was my first time reading a book by Annabelle Snow and I completely disliked her writing style, I felt that she described everything in the book in extreme details and that ended up becoming very annoying and boring when you have to read about every little thing in the setting. This book lacked a story as well as depth in characters and the single point of view style of writing made it even more one dimensional. I personally did not see the point of this book because even the ending felt incomplete to me. The one thing I did enjoy in the book was the chemistry between Clark and Hannah, but that was about it. I would not recommend this book if you looking for something substantial to read.

Rating: 1.5/5


Hannah Truitt plans a relaxing weekend away with her sisters every year without fail and this year after a bad break up she needs the vacation even more. The Drake Hotel situated in Chicago is the perfect escape for Hannah and her sisters.

Hannah meets a charming and sexy stranger, upon her arrival, and ll she knows about him is his name - Clark- and his suite number. Will one night of passion between the two of them be enough?

Monday, 26 June 2017

Easy Love (Boudreaux #1)

Easy Love

This is the first book in the Boudreaux family series which is based in the charming town of New Orleans. Easy Love is light, funny and easy read which will leave the reader feeling warm and in love at the end.  I am huge fan of Kristen Proby ever since I read the With Me In Seattle series and she did not disappoint with this brilliant read which makes you fall in love with her characters. I absolutely loved Eli's character because he was an alpha male, but at the same time he was also a gentleman who had great manners and etiquette. Kate's character was good because she is a strong women who overcame her horrible past and moved on in life, I especially loved her when she got drunk because she was hilarious. The chemistry between both Eli and Kate was off the charts and it is rare to find such mind blowing chemistry which has both intensity and sweetness.  The secondary characters in the book was well written especially all of Eli's brothers and sisters because this gave me a good idea of what is left to come. This was a great book, however I would have liked to see a little more drama as well as more into Kate's undercover mission. Overall this was a easy but brilliant read and I cant wait to read the rest of the series.

Rating: 4/5


Eli Boudreaux is the youngest CEO of his family company Bayou Enterprises., co-Chairing with his elder brother Beau. He has a no nonsense work ethic and has made the company very successful, but recently the family has discovered that someone has been stealing form them and they will leave no stone unturned in finding out who.

Hate O' Shaughnessy is hired by companies all over the world to go undercover and investigate white collar crimes and now she has been hired by Bayou Enterprises. The attraction between Eli and Kate is instantaneous and the chemistry between them is mind blowing, but Kate has heard about Eli's playboy past and she is here to do her job.

Eli manages charm Kate with his generous and protective behavior and Eli is attracted to Kate's sweet nature and brilliant sense of humor.

When Kate finally manages to uncover the person stealing from the company and it is time for her to leave, what lengths will Eli go to to keep the women he has fallen in love with by his side?