Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Know Me Well (Wishful #3)

Know Me Well

This is a sweet and nice small town romance which has its drama as well as small town charm. It was my first time reading a book by Kait Nolan and her writing style was good, however I did find some typos which is never a good sign.  I enjoyed the character development of Riley because she was a strong independent woman who was able to break her stubborn pattern. What is there not to love about Liam's character, he is protective, sweet, charming and romantic and the fact that he came home to take care of his family and is willing to do anything to make Riley happy makes him even more attractive.  The secondary characters were well written especially Autumn, the hopeless romantic and Liam's mother Molly with her match making tendencies.  The chemistry between Riley and Liam was average and I wished there was more of it especially when the the book began to drag. The first half of the book was captivating with all the drama going on, but once we got to the second half it become slow and boring and I really struggled to keep my attention on it which I thought was personally was one of the downfalls of this book. This was an okay book, but because of it's slow second half I will not be reading the rest of the series. 

Rating: 3/5


Liam Montgomery has recently returned home , to Wishful, after leaving the army and he has the tendency of always trying to be the protector. He now feels out of place and is not sure what to do with his life, but one thing is for sure that his sisters best friend is no more a little girl and she does not seem to want to give him the time of day.

Riley Gower does not need a night in shining armor because she has learnt to look after herself. Riley watched her mother chasing a fairy tale all her life, but has always been the one left to clean up the mess when her mothers heart is broken. Riley has always dreamed of owning Wishful's pharmacy and finally that dream has finally come true, bit the harsh reality of owning a business in tough economic times comes down hard on Riley.

Riley does not like to ask for help especially form her childhood crush Liam, but Liam is determined to help Riley in her her difficult times. Their sizzling attraction and whole bunch of unfortunate events bring them back into each another lives, will they be able to get a chance at love?  

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Forever Entangled (Forever Bluegrass #1)

Forever Entangled

Forever Entangled has everything I wanted from a book it has first love romance, close knit families, drama, danger, mystery and even a bit of jealousy. This was my first time reading a book by Kathleen Brooks and I loved her dual point of view writing style as well as the magical town of Keeneston which had one of the most close knit communities I have ever seen. I loved Ryan's character because he is this alpha protective male who would risk his life to save the woman he loves, but at the same time he is very family orientated which makes him the perfect man. Sienna's character was good, but I hated the fact that she turned him down before because he was a year smaller than her. The secondary characters in the book was well written and added the much needed humor in the book especially the older citizens of the town who were always placing bets on everyone's lives. I would have liked to see more chemistry between Ryan and Sienna especially more scenes about them discussing their feeling as well as their intimate moments. Also at times I did find the large number of characters in the book overwhelming at times epcially sice I had not read the other books in the Bluegrass series. I did enjoy this book and the magical town and look forward to reading the rest of this series as well as the other Bluegrass series.

Rating: 4/5


Ryan Parker, an undercover FBI agent gets a call to return to his home Keeneston, Kentucky in order to protect the girl he has always loved as she is in danger. Sienna Ashton had fallen in love with Ryan Parker after rejecting him. After the rejection Ryan walked out of Sienna's life before she even realized she was in love with him. 

Sienna, who is now a sports psychologist, is surrounded by danger after one of her patients is murdered, this suddenly brings Ryan back into her life. As Ryan and Sienna are fighting for their lives, they realize there is more going on than just a murder of a famous sports player. It does not take long before their attraction sparks between them and they both have to battle for their lives and their happily ever after.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dare to Take (Dare to Love #6)

Dare to Take

I am a huge fan of Carly Phillips and all her characters especially the Dare family, hence I could not resist reading the latest installment of the Dare to Love series.  This is the sixth book in the series and the best part is that all the books in this series can be read as a stand alone novel. Carly once again did not disappoint with her flawless and talented writing as well as with her strong and well conceived characters. I loved Tyler's alpha male character (which of course is a trait in all the Dare men) and the fact that he was able to recognize his flaws and change them. Ella was a strong and independent woman who had gotten used to surviving on her own and her ability to change her life despite her difficult childhood was what made her so likable to me. I enjoyed the fact that I got to see the Dare family characters from the previous books because it made me appreciate the series even more. The chemistry between Tyler and Ella was of the charts, but I also enjoyed seeing both of their characters mature throughout the book.  I also liked the little bit of danger and drama in the book, however I would have liked a little more mystery as the twist was quiet obvious from the start of the book. This was a brilliant book as well as series and I am always looking forward to reading a book by Carly Phillips as she is one of the most talented writers I have ever come across.

Rating: 4/5


Ella Shaw has always had a crush on her best friends older brother and when the opportunity arises to get together with him she just cant seem to resist. Tyler Dare was on leave from the army when he started to recognize that his sisters best friend has turned into a woman and after one too many drinks he gives into a night of passion which he ends up regretting the next morning. 

Now many years later Ella is stranded on a tropical island and only Tyler can save her. Tyler decides this is his opportunity to correct his mistakes from the past and he then slowly finds out that his attraction to Ella has never gone away. Will both Ella and Tyler be able to overcome their demons in order to find love?

Monday, 6 February 2017

One to Hold (One to Hold #1)

One to Hold

A short, sweet and sexy romance that will leave you wanting more after the last page. I had a feeling that I had this book before, but I could not quite remember, so I decided I have nothing to lose only a good story to gain. This was a great book with a touch of drama which I generally crave for in books. Melissa's character was brilliant because she was strong and independent as well as willing to learn from her mistakes and take control of her life, which is something I really admired about her. On the other hand I loved the strong alpha male characteristics of Derek, but I hated that he was lying to Melissa and also the fact that he knew Melissa was still married and still chased after her. I also enjoyed the secondary characters because they were well conceived and added to the content of the book. I really enjoyed Tia's style of writing because she made you feel the emotions that Melissa was going through, however I would have liked the book to be a bit longer and I would have also loved to see the book from a dual point of view as it would have enabled the reader to understand what was going through Derek's mind. The chemistry between Melissa and Derek was outstanding and I loved how they could not stay away from each other.. I really enjoyed this book and I am definitely going to be reading the rest of the series.

Rating: 4/5


Melissa Jones, is at a spa retreat with her best friend, trying to escape her past when she meets Derek Alexander, an ex marine and cop. The chemistry between the both of them is irresistible and they are unable to keep their hands off each other which then leads to them having a 'one week stand'. Melissa is doing everything she can to let go of her past and Derek will do everything in his power to hold onto her 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Mason (Remington Ranch #1)


This was the first book in the Remington Ranch series and I really enjoyed his second chance romance which was filled with so much of drama. It was my firs time reading a book by SJ McCoy and I found that her writing style was good and I liked the dual point of view style as it enabled the reader to understand the characters better. I absolutely loved Mason's character because as you know I have a soft spot for possessive and protective alpha males and Mason had those characteristics together with a sweet and romantic side which made him even more attractive. Gina's character was highly annoying because firstly she had a communication issue because she refused to talk things through with Mason. She also was very immature at times and according to my personal opinion she was cheating on Liam the entire time because she was still in love with Mason as well as she was willing to stay in a relationship with no love and being mistreated which I believe is unacceptable for any woman with self respect. I enjoyed the secondary characters of Mason's brothers and Cassidy as they made a good foundation for the rest of the series. The growth of both Mason and Gina's was brilliant because it was wonderful to see them both mature towards the end of the book. The highlight of the book for me was the combustible chemistry between Mason and Gina because it was both well written and well added into the book. I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Rating: 3.5/5


Mason Remington, during high school, had fallen in love with his little brothers best friend Gina. They both thought that they had found everlasting love, but then something went horribly wrong and Gina had left Mason without saying a word. Now after ten years Gina is back in the valley and Mason intends to find out what went wrong and to never let her leave again.

Gina had spent the last ten yeas becoming  successful photographer in New York and now has a fiance, whereas Mason spent his years training and breeding horses in the valley. Gina's father is now ill so she has returned home to sell her fathers ranch and move him back to New York with her. It is now up to Mason to clear the misunderstandings and make Gina stay back in Paradise Valley.